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Why donate through impactMarket?

We encourage self-sustainability and promote access to financial inclusivity in an efficient Money Management way that the beneficiaries have an active role - when they need it, they claim—a borderless and censorship-resistant reach. The donation process through a decentralized organization like ours has no fees. In addition, real-time data is provided, which turns the system secure and effective. You would support impactMarket if: - You care about making the world a better place, and if ...

How impactMarket raise funds?

- Foundations/Grants: our fundraising team works directly with foundations and applies for multiple grants - Companies: to support their social responsibility strategy - Partners: we count on several mission-aligned web3 projects that donate part of their profits to impactMarket communities - NGOs: many organizations use our protocol to distribute their funds and/or support us in fundraising for their communities - Individuals/Philanthropists: donating to the communities; supporting c...

Which assets can be donated to impactMarket communities?

- Celo Dollar (cUSD): you can donate directly to the impactMarket DAO or a specific community. Eligible to impact farming mechanisms. - ETH: to the address 0x4D93536aa77FE4fDD48DC7f2c228410eC49c233C (this address works for any EVM network: Ethereum, Polygon, Optimism, BinanceChain). Your donation will be converted to cUSD over time. Not eligible to impact farming mechanisms.

Are there any limits regarding amount donated to communities?

No. A donation can be of any amount. There are no minimum or maximum values.

How to donate?

1.To the impactMarket DAO treasury: Anyone who wishes to contribute can donate to the treasury of the impactMarket DAO. Therefore, the funds received will be used as a reserve to fund communities in urgent need, which means running out of funds. Communities can request funds every 24 hours. How to donate through impactMarket website: How to donate through impactMarket dApp: 2.To a specific community: Through our dApp https://www.impact...

How to get cUSD to donate?

1.Buy cUSD directly on Celo via a third-party: There are multiple service providers that offer the possibility to directly buy cUSD into your wallet (make sure you are on the Celo network). Few examples: - - ( - ( - ( 2.Withdraw from a centralized exchange cUSD is listed on several exchanges wo...

How does the donation flow works?

1.Donation process:The distribution of UBI depend on donations! The backers can donate directly to the smart contract of a community or to the DAO treasury. 2.Funds distribution: The process is managed by the DAO and triggered by community managers or beneficiaries when their community is running out of funds. The tranche amount to send each time to each community is calculated considering the number of beneficiaries, its UBI allowance, and how much was already sent by the DAO vs total raised...

Who will benefit from my donation?

impactMarket is a human empowerment protocol that aims to bring financial inclusion to vulnerable people worldwide. We distribute UBI (Unconditional Basic Income) to beneficiaries living in vulnerable conditions to allow them to have some extra capital to start their financial journey. The beneficiary can use the money in an unconditional way, and the more common uses are to back their basic needs: food, transport, school fees, and savings. The local social organizations or public educational...

How does impactMarket track where the donations are spent ?

We don´t track where donations are spent since they are distributed unconditionally. Beneficiaries can use the money in the way they think is best. Learn more about UBI (Unconditional Basic Income) here: Anyway, the system allows an understanding of who is claiming and when. All the transactions are on-chain and can be tracked here:

How does impactMarket target the most vulnerable?

We work directly with local social organizations whose main target is vulnerable communities.

How do beneficiaries manage to use cryptocurrency celo dollar (cUSD)?

impactMarket has been active since 2020, promoting crypto adoption in emerging countries because of its advantages and offering all solutions regarding exchanging crypto for other currencies or using crypto for payments. Trust in the system was created along the way, and nowadays, we have more and more countries and communities interested in being part of the impactMarket protocol. Learn more here:

What is the impact of my donation?

By donating, you will contribute to empowering vulnerable people through financial inclusion. Learn more here: (

How impactMarket measure the impact in impactMarket communities?

For impactMarket to monitor and provide transparency and analytics about its impact on its stakeholders, the team is developing: - impact measurement framework made available via different aggregated sources, including on-chain data analysis performed on the Celo network. - self-reporting from beneficiaries through regular specific surveys that measure life quality improvement and progress on several verticals of their life, including health, education, impact on their children, security,...

What do I get if I donate?

- Fulfillment when you realize the impact of your action: ( - $PACT rewards (if your donation is Cello Dollar (cUSD) Learn more about $PACT here:

If I donate in other assets (different from cUSD) I get $PACT rewards?

No. You need to donate cUSD to get $PACT rewards.

How can I be updated about impactMarket progress?

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