What are the terms and conditions of Learn&Earn program?

  • impactMarket Learn&Earn program is based on small courses with 2 or more lessons where users, to progress and earn rewards, need to answer correctly to a quiz at the end of each lesson.
  • Only impactMarket beneficiaries are allowed to take L&E lessons (for now)
  • Each user can only attend one lesson per week (for now)
  • Every participant is only eligible to receive points from each quiz once and can only earn rewards once per level
  • It’s not allowed to skip lessons, so to start a new one, you must successfully complete the previous one (even after more than 3 attempts) 
  • If you successfully complete a lesson after more than 3 attempts, you will not earn points for completing it 
  • Be aware that rewards are limited for each course. Therefore, the first ones to complete the courses get the rewards
  • The rewards can be $PACT or other assets