What are the advantages of staking my $PACT?

  • Multiplier effect on donations: For example, if someone donates $100 cUSD and has 2M PACT staked (& there are 10M PACT staked in total), it will add a 20% markup/premium effect on the amount donated. Meaning that it will be considered as a $120 cUSD contribution for the calculation of the daily PACT rewards allocation.

  • Daily rewards based on how much PACT is staked: For example, if someone has 1M PACT staked, it will account, for the calculation formula, as a $1 cUSD (Celo Dollar) contribution on each epoch while those tokens are staked, even if no contribution was made in the previous 30 epochs.

  • Earning interest 24h after your donation: Before you are able to claim your $PACT rewards, you can already stake them! So you are earning interest after 24 hours of $PACT allocation.