Where can I see information about my impact Farming rewards?

1. Go to www.impactmarket.com

2. Press “Connect your wallet.”

3. Open your wallet and accept the connection to the website

4. Go to the “Take action” menu and choose "impact farming"

5. You will find a dashboard with the following:

  • $PACT rewards: the amount to claim (after 15 epochs of the first donation) and the estimation of the total $PACT allocated to you at that moment (that value can change - depending on the total amount donated during that epoch)

  • Summary:

  • Available new $PACT tokens for the current epoch
  • Your contribution in the last 30 epochs
  • Your pending rewards estimation for the current epoch (is the $PACT tokens amount estimated that you could gain in the current epoch (may vary until the end of the epoch - depend on total donations at this epoch)
  • $PACT rewards already allocated to you (total of PACT you already gained with all the epochs before