impactMarket Stories Platform

What is impactMarket Stories Platform?

All impactMarket communities have access to impactMarket social media, where they can post stories and view and comment on stories from other communities. Posting the stories of communities and their beneficiaries allows impactMarket donors to get to know communities better, understand their challenges and understand how beneficiaries use the impactMarket system to empower themselves. You can check communities stories here:

How to access impactMarket Stories Platform?

1. Access dApp (through your Libera or 2. Connect your wallet 3. Choose the "impactMarket" and "Stories" menus in the left sidebar 4. There, you can: see stories of communities, like or comment on stories from communities or create your own story if you are a member of a community

How to post a story on the impactMarket Stories Platform?

1.Go to the menu “dApp” on Libera or to the site 2.Connect your wallet 3.On your wallet accept transaction to connect 4.Go to the menu “impactMarket” 5.Choose “Stories” 6.Choose “Create a Story” 7.Write your post and select an image 8.Press “Post” Note: Only community managers and beneficiaries of impactMarket communities can post stories on impactMarket social media.

Stories Posts Rules

Sharing your stories will help your community to raise more funds. Do not share any content (text or image) that infringes our rules, or you may be removed from your community. Our rules are to ensure everyone can share content that increases the chance of getting more contributions. Stories must not contain any of the following: Safety Violence: You may not threaten violence against an individual or a group of people. We also prohibit the glorification of violence. Terrorism/violent extrem...