impactMarket Beneficiaries

How to be included in an impactMarket community as a beneficiary?

impactMarket does not accept unsolicited requests to be added as a beneficiary from individuals. Beneficiaries are carefully selected by the organizations working on the ground through different criteria. Suppose you live close to a community supported by impactMarket but have not been selected. In that case, it is either because you do not match the selection criteria or that funds allocated for this specific community are limited. If you live far from the community and/or there is no comm...

How to use Libera?

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How to claim impactMarket UBI?

To be able to claim impactMarket UBI, you need to be a beneficiary of an impactMarket community. You have 2 ways to claim UBI: on Libera or on the dApp Libera: 1.Open your Libera wallet 2.Go to menu “UBI” 3.Press the button “Claim” 4. Your income will be automatically deposited in your wallet 5.Check the menu “wallet” dApp: 1.Go to the menu “dApp” on Libera or to the site 2.Connect your wallet 3.Go to the menu “UBI” 4.Press “Claim” 5.Go back to yo...

My community have run out of funds! What to do?

impactMarket depends on donations. So if you´re community has run out of funds it means there are no funds in the system. Learn more: Be aware that impactMarket is not responsible for getting funds for communities, but we work daily to bring more awareness and trust to the system to have more donations. impactMarket built a system that transparently and efficiently connects donors and beneficiaries...

How to use impactMarket UBI?

Your impactMarket UBI allow you: - save for future needs - transfer for any wallet within the Celo network - use in merchants that accept cUSD in your country - cash-out (exchange to another currency)

How to cash-out cUSD to other currency?

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How to do an Learn&Earn course?

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How to post a story in impactMarket social media platform?

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Where can I report suspicious activity in my community?

1.Go to the menu “dApp” on Libera or to the site 2.Connect your wallet 3.On your wallet accept transaction to connect 4.Go to the menu "Help" 5. Fill in the form

What is $PACT and what can you do with $PACT?

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How can I earn $PACT?

Beneficiaries can earn $PACT: 1. Carrying out the Learn&Earn courses 2. In specific campaigns launched by impactMarket. Stay tuned to your impactMarket support group 3. By staking $PACT Learn more: - - -