I can´t connect Libera with dApp URL (

Try these steps: 1. To connect your Libera wallet to the dApp using your browser (, after you press "connect", you must open your Libera and accept the transaction. Then, return to your browser and check if dApp is connected to your Libera wallet. 2. Open an anonymous page on your browser and try to connect to your Libera. If it works on an anonymous page, clear your browser's cache and try again to use your browser normally. 3. If it doesn´t work, please c...

I can´t claim UBI on Libera!

Please, try these steps: 1. Check if you are using your beneficiary account (if you have the menu "UBI" on the wallet, it means you are a beneficiary; if not, you are not a beneficiary or you didn´t migrate your beneficiary address to Libera correctly) 2. Check if you have a few cents on the Wallet (cUSD) to pay transaction fees 3. Clear the cache of Libera (go to setting on your cellphone - apps - Libera - clear cache) 4. Use an alternative: go to the dApp on your browser (app.impactmark...

I tried to migrate my wallet from Valora and didn´t work

Please, try these steps: 1. Clear the cache of the Libera app (Go to your cellphone settings - apps - select Libera - clear cache) 2. Be sure you choose the option "I already have a wallet" 3. Check if you wrote the recovery phrase correctly 4. If it doesn´t work, contact us:

Libera doesn´t work (frozen screen; doesn´t open)

Please, try these steps: 1.Check if you have the latest version of Libera (you can see the latest version on App store) 2.Clear the cache of the app 3.Check if you delete the old impactMarket app and download Libera 4.If nothing works, delete Libera and download it again from the app store (don´t forget to save your recovery key to access again to your wallet) 5.If doesn´t work, contact us:

I lost my cellphone/ My cellphone was stolen. And now?

Check here:

I lost my recovery phrase, and now?

Please check here:

I can´t donate!

1.If you encounter any problems while contributing, please confirm: - You are connected to Celo Main Network; - You have approved the cUSD transfer; - You have enough funds to contribute, including fees; - You give the system enough time to complete the action; 2.You can also try: - Disconnect and connect your wallet again; - Reload the page; - Try in a different browser - Try an anonymous page. If it works, clear the cache from your browser 3.If you can´t solve you...