What is Learn&Earn?

impactMarket's Learn&Earn is short educational content available to our beneficiaries and soon to all Libera users, who get rewarded when completing the lessons. It's part of our mission towards financial inclusion, engaging our ecosystem while empowering financially underserved people with relevant knowledge. Learn more:https://www.impactmarket.com/learn-and-earn

What are the terms and conditions of Learn&Earn program?

- impactMarket Learn&Earn program is based on small courses with 2 or more lessons where users, to progress and earn rewards, need to answer correctly to a quiz at the end of each lesson. - Only impactMarket beneficiaries are allowed to take L&E lessons (for now) - Each user can only attend one lesson per week (for now) - Every participant is only eligible to receive points from each quiz once and can only earn rewards once per level - It’s not allowed to skip lessons, so to start a new ...

What can I learn with impactMarket Learn&Earn courses?

You can learn about decentralized finance topics and projects and how to use their advantages to empower you and improve your financial journey.

What can I earn doing Learn&Earn courses?

You can earn new knowledge and crypto rewards ($PACT or other assets). Be aware that rewards are limited for each course. Therefore, the first ones to complete the courses get the rewards.

How many rewards can I earn doing a Learn&Earn course?

It depends on the course's type and duration (this information will be available on the tab of each course) and how many points you get by answering correctly to quizzes at the final of each lesson.

Who creates the courses on impactMarket Learn&Earn?

There are two types of courses: the ones created by the impactMarket team and the ones created by our partners.

How to start an impactMarket Learn&Earn course?

There are two ways to access it: A.Through Libera: 1.Open Libera 2.Choose the menu “dApp” 3.Connect your wallet 4.Go to the “Learn&Earn” menu and start your lesson B.Through your browser: 1.Go to: https://app.impactmarket.com/learn-and-earn 2.Connect your wallet 3.Go to the “Learn&Earn” menu and start your lesson

How can my organization/company create a course in impactMarket Learn&Earn program?

Please, reach out to: hello@impactmarket.com