How does the donation flow works?

1.Donation process:The distribution of UBI depend on donations! The backers can donate directly to the smart contract of a community or to the DAO treasury.

2.Funds distribution: The process is managed by the DAO and triggered by community managers or beneficiaries when their community is running out of funds. 

The tranche amount to send each time to each community is calculated considering the number of beneficiaries, its UBI allowance, and how much was already sent by the DAO vs total raised to that community.

3.Donation Formula: cUSD amount per community=number of beneficiaries * UBI allowance / (Total amount already sent by the DAO to that community / Total raised so far to that community)

4.Claim of UBI by beneficiaries of the impactMarket community: Once the funds are available in the community contract, beneficiaries of this community can request funds daily through their Libera wallet.