Why donate through impactMarket?

We encourage self-sustainability and promote access to financial inclusivity in an efficient Money Management way that the beneficiaries have an active role - when they need it, they claim—a borderless and censorship-resistant reach.

The donation process through a decentralized organization like ours has no fees. In addition, real-time data is provided, which turns the system secure and effective.


You would support impactMarket if:

  • You care about making the world a better place, and if you believe that web3 can be an essential driver for this.
  • You want your donations to reach those who need them with maximum efficiency, with no transaction fees, and not be redirected to operational and general costs (as with traditional philanthropy).
  • You want your donation to reach communities all around the globe, thanks to the power of blockchain, even in challenging contexts with dictatorships and conflicts.
  • You want to have voting power as a $PACT token holder, deciding on the successful future of the protocol and be part of the exciting DeFi projects we will launch in the upcoming months.