impactMarket UBI

What is UBI?

Universal Basic Income (UBI) is an unconditional, individual, and recurrent money payment to provide enough to cover the basic cost of living and establish a sense of financial security. Learn more:

What is impactMarket UBI´s model?

The impactMarket UBI (Unconditional Basic Income) is one of the products of impactMarket designed for impactMarket communities. The traditional UBI (Universal Basic Income) system guarantees a regular income to support your basic needs. Usually, this money comes from governments. Since impactMarket depends on donations and market conditions, the amount distributed by impactMarket´s UBI varies. Its main goal is to support you in starting or improving your financial journey. So impactMarket...

How does the impactMarket UBI model work?

impactMarket allows any vulnerable community in the world to create an impactMarket community on the platform. After the selection process to verify if the community is eligible, the impactMarket community created can access the UBI and all the services of impactMarket. Each community has a unique contract address. impactMarket UBI model depends on donations. Donors can donate directly to the treasury of the DAO ( or to a specifi...

How impactMarket get funds to distribute impactMarket UBI?

The funds distributed by impactMarket as UBI depend on donations. Get more info here: