impactMarket - General

What is impactMarket?

impactMarket the Human Empowerment Protocol. impactMarket is a hub for financial inclusion that provides accessible financial solutions through blockchain technology to empower underprivileged people worldwide. impactMarket main goal is to create and facilitate the inclusion of unbanked or underbanked people into decentralized finances. Through our wallet Libera (Android ( or Apple (

What is impactMarket´s vision and mission?

Vision: To be the leading financial inclusion hub and a reference in social impact driven by blockchain. Mission: To empower underprivileged people by promoting financial inclusion, unlocking opportunities, and human potential

What are the products/services that impactMarket offers?

impactMarket includes: - Libera wallet - impactMarket dApp or PWA - Cash transfer system (to social organizations) - impactMarket UBI - some crypto capital to start your financial journey (available to impactMarket beneficiaries) - Learn&Earn program (available to impactMarket beneficiaries) - Microcredit (available in some countries) - A social media network to help organizations promote their communities - $PACT token (impact Farming; Staking)

What is impactMarket DAO?

A decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) is an entity with no central leadership. Decisions get made from the bottom up, governed by a community organized around a specific set of rules enforced on a blockchain. DAOs are internet-native organizations collectively owned and managed by their members. They have built-in treasuries that are only accessible with the approval of their members. Decisions are made via proposals the group votes on during a specified period. A DAO works without hie...

On which blockchain is impactMarket built?

Celo blockchain. Learn more about Celo Blockchain here (

Is impactMarket available worldwide?


Is impactMarket a free platform?

impactMarket mission is to provide financial inclusion to all people living in vulnerable conditions. So, yes impactMarket is free to all our beneficiaries. Since impactMarket uses the Celo network, each transaction (claim, transfer, request funds, donations) costs $0,005 cUSD or more (value per transaction).

How can I contribute to impactMarket protocol?

- Donation (// - Deposit and donate interest ( - Purchasing $PACT (// - Staking $PACT (// - Partnership ( - Translation (// - Spread the word (//

What are the future plans for impactMarket?

impactMarket is working on providing free access to more financial services to beneficiaries and, on the other hand, creating more incentives for backers. Given the Celo network design and its current DeFi ecosystem, impactMarket is uniquely positioned to drive DeFi (Decentralized Finances) adoption and retention by integrating and offering DeFi solutions directly on mobile to those who need them the most. - Deposit assets and redirect the earned interest (or yield) to support vulnerable c...