I can´t claim UBI on Libera!

Please, try these steps:

1. Check if you are using your beneficiary account (if you have the menu "UBI" on the wallet, it means you are a beneficiary; if not, you are not a beneficiary or you didn´t migrate your beneficiary address to Libera correctly)

2. Check if you have a few cents on the Wallet (cUSD) to pay transaction fees

3. Clear the cache of Libera (go to setting on your cellphone - apps - Libera - clear cache)

4. Use an alternative: go to the dApp on your browser (app.impactmarket.com), connect your wallet, and try to claim (don´t forget that you need to go back to Libera after pressing the "claim" button to approve the transaction.

5. If it doesn´t work, contact us: https://support.impactmarket.com/145456-Support