What are the future plans for impactMarket?

impactMarket is working on providing free access to more financial services to beneficiaries and, on the other hand, creating more incentives for backers. Given the Celo network design and its current DeFi ecosystem, impactMarket is uniquely positioned to drive DeFi (Decentralized Finances) adoption and retention by integrating and offering DeFi solutions directly on mobile to those who need them the most. 

  • Deposit assets and redirect the earned interest (or yield) to support vulnerable communities while claiming $PACT rewards. 
  • Micro Credit: Beneficiaries will be able to use their own $PACT or $CELO as collateral for instant access to credit in cUSD.
  • Virtual Fair: where beneficiaries can sell and buy stuff (or content as NFT) among their communities, like community-based e-commerce marketplaces.
  • Collective Savings + prize: incentivizing beneficiaries to save together within their own communities. The higher the savings, the higher the prizes.
  • Crowd Lending: where anyone can allocate assets as collateral and delegate credit in $cUSD to specific beneficiaries, causes, or communities.
  • Explore other possibilities: such as beneficiaries’ stories & art as NFTs (which could be used as collateral or to help raise funds for their community), access to yield farming, learn & earn, paid tasks, and more.