How to migrate my wallet from Valora to Libera?

Migrating your wallet from Valora to Libera will allow you to maintain your roles inside impactMarket. It means if you were a beneficiary or community manager at impactMarket using Valora, now, to keep your role, you need to migrate from Valora to Libera.

1. Open your Valora
2. Go to Settings
3. Go to the menu "Recovery Phrase"
4. Put your pin, and you will get your recovery phrase from Valora
5. Download Libera (search on the app store)
6. Choose the option "I already have a wallet"
7. Paste or write down the recovery phrase from Valora (pay attention to write all the 24 words correctly and in the right order)
8. Press Continue
9. Migration was successful, and you can keep your impactMarket roles