Impact Farming

What is the impact Farming?

Impact farming is an incentive mechanism to reward contributors for their support regularly. It allows anyone to claim $PACT tokens as rewards for their cUSD contributions to back impactMarket communities. Impact farming is only available when donating to the DAO or to a specific community using cUSD (sending directly to the smart contract address isn’t considered for $PACT rewards). Learn more:

How does Impact Farming work?

- Every 24 hours (one epoch), new $PACT tokens will be available for redemption by contributors. - Tokens are assigned to you daily for 30 days after each donation. - 24 hours after your donation, your rewards are allocated to you, and you can now: stake your rewards and earn more $PACT or wait for 15 complete epochs (1 epoch=24h) and claim your rewards to your wallet “Allocation” is when the tokens are held for you “Claim” is when you claim, and the tokens are transferred to your walle...

How does Impact Farming calculation work?

Each epoch your rewards are calculated = ( new $PACT rewards available in the current epoch * how much you have donated in the past 30 epochs) / total raised in the past 30 epochs

Is there a minimum amount to donate to get rewards through Impact Farming?

No. You can donate whatever amount you want. There is no maximum or minimum.

When will I have my Impact Farming $PACT rewards allocated to me?

Every 24h after your first contribution and during the next 30 days.

When can I claim my impact Farming rewards?

You can claim your Impact Farming rewards 15 epochs (16 days) after your donation.

How can I claim my Impact Farming rewards?

1. Go to 2. Connect your wallet 3. Go to “Take action” menu - choose Impact Farming 4. You will see the blue button “Claim” 5. Press the button, allow transaction in the same wallet you have connected 6.The $PACT tokens will be transferred to your address account.

Where can I see information about my impact Farming rewards?

1. Go to ( 2. Press “Connect your wallet.” 3. Open your wallet and accept the connection to the website 4. Go to the “Take action” menu and choose "impact farming" 5. You will find a dashboard with the following: - $PACT rewards: the amount to claim (after 15 epochs of the first donation) and the estimation of the total $PACT allocated to you at that moment (that value can change - depending on the total amount donated during that epoch...