impactMarket Communities

What is an impactMarket community?

An impactMarket community is constituted by a group of individuals from the same community (a region in a country) sharing the same type of vulnerability (lack of access to financial services, lack of access to capital, lack of access to financial learning resources). The communities usually are led by a local organization (NGO) or a public educational entity.

What is the importance of impactMarket for a NGO?

impactMarket offers to NGOs or local social organizations: - a safe cash transfer system - a global social media to share their challenges and efforts - huge exposure to potential donors in web3 - the possibility of getting funds for their communities - different financial services for their communities

What products/services an impactMarket community has access to?

An impactMarket community can access for free: - Web3 Wallet to manage capital: Libera wallet - Financial Education: Learn&Earn - Crypto Capital: UBI (Unconditional Basic Income) - $PACT Tokens as rewards - Special conditions to access Saving Mechanisms through our partners - Crypto-based Micro-credit: soon available - Opportunities in Web3 (e.g., Funds for a specific project of the community) - impactMarket Social Media to share stories about their fi...

What are the roles inside an impactMarket community?

The main roles are: - Community manager: The person that submits the community for approval and manages all the community's beneficiaries. Communities are usually led by local social institutions that have direct access to the end beneficiaries. After applying and get accept on impactMarket, each community will have one or more community managers who will keep the community public information up-to-date and can add multiple beneficiaries. - Beneficiary: The person that will have acc...

What are the requirements to create an impactMarket community?

- Located in emerging countries. - Community governed by local social organizations or public educational entities (high schools, universities, training centers) - Beneficiaries: students, unemployed or low-income individuals between 18-35 years old with access to a smartphone and internet connectivity

Who can be added to an impactMarket community as a beneficiary?

- Individuals selected by their local organization living in vulnerable communities and without access to: - financial services (like a bank account) - financial education - capital to start saving for a small business - Students, unemployed or low-income individuals between 18-35 years old with access to a smartphone and internet connectivity

How to apply for an impactMarket community?

1. Submit all the information about your community here ( 2. impactMarket team will analyze your submission and inform you if your community is eligible or not 3. If your community is eligible, the next steps will be: - sign a partnership agreement - create the community on the platform - add the beneficiaries

Are there any limitations regarding countries?

Yes. impactMarket communities are located in emerging countries or countries currently suffering from any kind of threat (natural disaster, war, etc).

What is the limit of beneficiaries per community?

An impactMarket community should have a minimum of 15 beneficiaries and a maximum of 200.

Can a local organization manage more than one impactMarket community?


Can an impactMarket community be closed?

Yes. In case of any suspicious activity or report, an impactMarket community can be immediately blocked from getting access to the system and closed.

How to create an impactMarket community in the impactMarket platform?

This is one of the tasks of the community manager and just should be done after the following steps here ( Next steps: 1. Create a Libera wallet 2. Go to or dApp inside Libera 3. Choose the menu “Create a Community" 4. Fill in all details - Community Name - Community Description: very important to share the challenges and goals of your community - City and country - Comm...